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Dr. Fahad G Attar


Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon


Current Appointments

  • Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon, Harley Street, London
  • BMI Alexandra Hospital, Manchester
  • Spire Manchester Hospital, Manchester
  • Spire Cheshire Hospital, Cheshire
  • Wilmslow Hospital, Manchester
  • BMI Beaumont Hospital, Bolton

Special Clinical Interests

  • Stem Cell Treatments
  • PRP injections for arthritis and sports injuries
  • Sports injuries with regenerative medicine
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Lower limb complex trauma
  • Partial/Total Knee Replacement (primary and revision)
  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Bespoke Patient Specific Knee Replacements
  • Minimally Invasive Knee Resurfacing procedures
  • Knee Arthroscopy and Ligament reconstruction
  • Knee Ligament Reconstructions – ACL/PCL/Multi-ligament Knee Reconstructions
  • Meniscal Repairs & Meniscal Transplant Surgery
  • Osteotomies around the knee for knee arthritis
  • Patella Instability Surgery
  • Anterior Knee Pain
  • Shoulder Arthroscopy
  • Shoulder Reconstruction Surgery for Shoulder Instability and Rotator Cuff tears
  • Stem Cell injections for arthritis and sports injuries
  • APS (Autologous Protein Solution) injections for arthritis

Medical Conditions/Treatments

Professional Memberships

  • General Medical Council UK
  • Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
  • International Society of Orthopaedic and Traumatology (SICOT)
  • International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery & Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS)
  • International Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS)
  • European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy (ESSKA)
  • BOA (British Orthopaedic Association)
  • British Association for Surgery of the Knee (BASK)
  • World Orthopaedic Concern UK (WOC)

Institutional Affiliations

  • University of Toronto, Canada
  • University of Liverpool(UK)
  • MOH (Ministry of Health), UAE

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